Save Time & Protect Clients
with a Fully Integrated Regulatory Compliance Platform.


Vertafore’s BenefitPoint is now
Connected to ERISAPros’

As a member of the Orange Partner Program, ERISAPros will enable benefit brokers to import existing client information from BenefitPoint to create Wrap Plan Documents, Premium Only Plans and Form 5500s from a single platform.



Automate compliance
& improve efficiency.

We know how valuable your time is. How great would it be to instantly download data from BenefitPoint into Wrap-Tight?

Originate Plans in Seconds.
Complete them in Minutes.

Employ one platform
to obtain good data.

How did you feel the last time you lost a client? Your competition can identify errors in your clients’ 5500s and cast doubt on your ability. Stop losing business to competitors.

With BenefitPoint connected to Wrap-Tightsm you can protect your clients from competition.

Did you know? $100,000 or more in revenue could be lost to your competition due to an error in your client’s 5500.

or more in revenue could be lost to your
competition due to an error in your client’s 5500.

Think about how much time and effort it took just to add one client.
How long would it take to replace it?

Collaborate with colleagues.
Co-create with clients.

Wrap-Tight’s web-based collaboration workflow allows agency colleagues and their clients to enter missing data from BenefitPoint. 

Once data input is completed, brokers can have clients verify the accuracy of the information. 



“We envision our Agency Partners improving their efficiency in regulatory-related account management practices with BenefitPoint integration inside Wrap-Tightsm.”

—Michelle Lewis, BenefitPoint Product Manager


What’s the Next Step?

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