Evolution of ERISA: Shaping Retirement and Welfare Benefits in the U.S. For Fifty Years

It’s interesting to wonder how ERISA will continue to adapt and expand in the coming decades. Keeping up with ERISA’s continuous reporting and disclosure requirements can be a challenge for employers. President Ronald Regan said it best: “ERISA stood for Every Ridiculous Idea Since Adam.” While humorous, the remark highlights the complexity and sometimes cumbersome nature of regulatory frameworks.

The purpose of ERISA is to nationalize the laws relating to benefit programs through corporate America. These laws strike a balance between an employer’s obligation to disclose certain benefits that they offer, and the rights of employees to these benefits. For example, ERISA disclosure requirements provide risk management for the employer while ensuring that employees receive the benefits that they were promised. That is, the ERISA documents provided to employees are the “deal” — not what they thought they were promised by someone in the company. ERISA also sets standards for the disclosure to the government of certain health and welfare benefit programs via its Form 5500 filings. By satisfying ERISA’s conditions, employers avoid government penalties, minimize time-consuming and costly lawsuits, maintain positive employee relations, and support a harmonious workplace environment.

Over the past 15 years, ERISAPros has served clients in all 50 states, primarily working through 7 of the top 10 benefits brokerage houses in the U.S. We are the “go-to” solution for employers; offering services such as Wrap Plans and Summary Plan Descriptions, Annual Reporting (Form 5500), and ongoing compliance support.

ERISAPros takes a personalized, hands-on approach to serving its clients, positioning itself as a boutique firm offering individualized guidance and support throughout the project. The great news is we have cost-effective solutions to fit almost any employer’s situation, whether simple or complex. For simpler situations, we even provide an on-line automated system with video assistance where an employer can build these disclosure documents on their own.

To learn more about ERISAPros’ services, please contact Chris Taylor, Senior Director – Sales & Business Development at 678.358.0634 or via email at ctaylor@erisapros.com.

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