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Wrap Plan

Wrap-Tight is our premier online service, consolidating all your ERISA benefits into a single, comprehensive Wrap Plan document, including an aligned Summary Plan Description (SPD). Access digital copies, benefit from our guidance on QMCSO administrative procedures, and follow our DOL Safe Harbor distribution instructions seamlessly.

Any employer with one or more employees should have a Wrap Plan document. Wrap plans allow employers that offer multiple separate benefit plans, such as medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and others, to “wrap” these benefits into a single plan for the purposes of ERISA compliance and meet the disclosure requirements in order to minimize the risk of non-compliance.

Wrap Plan Consultative Services

Our Comprehensive Insurance Documentation & Compliance Service is an all-encompassing solution tailored to address the multifaceted needs of the insurance landscape. At its core, the service revolves around meticulous scrutiny and management of insurance-related documents such as Master Service Agreements, insurance contracts, and certificates and comes with a 12-month support.

Exclusively for medium to large businesses and insurance brokers, our Wrap Plan Consultative service streamlines document management and ensures compliance while also offering support for Department of Labor audits and legislative updates. Tailored to meet the needs of both independent brokers and larger firms, this service ensures efficiency and client satisfaction.


The Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) informs participants about significant changes to their employee benefits plan and is mandated by ERISA to ensure transparency. Typically provided within specific timeframes after plan changes, the SMM keeps participants updated without redistributing the entire SPD, detailing the nature and impact of modifications.

The Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) primarily informs plan participants and beneficiaries about material changes to their benefits, ensuring informed decision-making. Additionally, plan administrators, employers, and benefits consultants utilize the SMM for compliant distribution, clear communication, and effective consultation regarding employee benefits.

Premium-Only-Plans (POP)

A Premium-Only Plan (POP) permits employees to use pre-tax dollars for insurance premiums, leading to reduced taxable income and increased take-home pay. This Section 125 plan not only benefits employees but also decreases an employer’s FICA and FUTA tax obligations. It offers a tax-saving opportunity for both employees and employers.

A Premium-Only Plan (POP) allows employees to cover insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars, benefiting employers through reduced FICA taxes and employees with a lowered taxable income, increasing their take-home pay. Adopted by businesses of various sizes, POPs enhance the value of benefits packages and offer tax advantages for both parties.


The Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program (DFVCP) initiative by the U.S. Department of Labor allows plan administrators to rectify late or missed Form 5500 annual reporting submissions at reduced penalties. By participating in the DFVCP, administrators can avoid potentially higher fines and secure compliance for their benefit plans.

The Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program (DFVCP) is designed for plan administrators who have missed ERISA-mandated Form 5500 filing deadlines, offering them a way to avoid higher penalties by voluntarily rectifying their late submissions. By participating, administrators can ensure compliance and safeguard the interests of plan participants and beneficiaries.

Form 5500 and Extensions

Form 5500 is an annual report mandated by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service to provide information about a benefit plan’s financial conditions, investments, and operations. Required by ERISA, this form helps ensure transparency and compliance for employee benefit plans.

Form 5500 is a yearly reporting requirement mandated by ERISA for administrators of certain employee benefit plans, providing a comprehensive overview of a plan’s financial conditions, operations, and investments. It serves both regulatory agencies for oversight and plan participants and beneficiaries for transparency into their benefits’ management and performance.

We have used ERISA Pros for many years to prepare our Cafeteria Plan documents. They are very thorough and detailed. They provide great customer service and education through every step of the process.

- Michelle Demetrius, HR Consultant, Zulily, LLC

From our first contact with the ERISAPros team, we were impressed with their professionalism and knowledge, and the solutions they offered to produce a Wrap Plan document for our welfare benefit plans.

- Susanne Baskin, Benefits Manager, Matrix Resources, Inc.

To be honest, your product is more thorough than I could have ever hoped…For the complexity and volume of work that this project entailed, this is impressive.

- Adam Guttman, United Nations Federal Credit Union

We are very pleased with the decision we made to retain the Platinum – Wrap-Tight tm services of ERISAPros…The discovery process that you and your team performed on the front end to learn the details of our plans was crucial to the success of the project.

- Suzanne Spradley, Senior Vice President, NFP CORP.

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