Thank You


ERISAPros would like to thank you for your business and partnership. We wish you a happy and healthy 2018.


New Year’s Resolution


At this time of year, many people resolve to change or modify their behavior or actions to lead a better life. We at ERISAPros would like to challenge you to make a business resolution, namely to stay or become compliant. Unlike many New Year’s resolutions that may take an extensive period of time and a lot of work, becoming compliant is easy with us.


This year, let ERISAPros be your one-stop provider for compliance. We offer multiple solutions – from a do-it-yourself package to a concierge consultative program. Our goal is simple: we make ERISA compliance easy for our clients. Contact us for a consultative evaluation of your ERISA compliance needs.


Legislative Updates to Wrap Plan Documents


An important feature of our service relates to maintaining updated and compliant legal documents. Below are our required legislative updates for 2018:


  • Modified the disability claims language to reflect significant changes in the final regulations
  • Updated 2018 annual limitations for essential health benefits


Added Services and Features


Over the past year, we have heard your requests for added services and are pleased to offer two new options in 2018: a simple cafeteria or premium only plan (POP) and an expanded, flexible look-back option.


Premium Only Plan (POP)


POP plans allow employees to elect to use pre-tax dollars to pay their premium contributions for most employer-sponsored health and welfare benefits, but a POP plan requires appropriate documentation to meet IRS regulations. ERISAPros now offers this POP plan documentation as part of our Wrap-Tight® solution.  By simply responding to a few additional questions as you develop your Wrap Plan, you can also use Wrap-Tight® to generate the necessary POP documents. For a demo and pricing, please contact your ERISAPros Account Manager or call us at 678.443.4003.


Expanded Look-Back Options


Proper documentation and implementation of ACA look-back provisions are critical to ensure compliance with ACA requirements. ERISAPros has offered look-back documentation with our consultative and Wrap-Tight® solutions since 2015. Recently, some clients have requested more flexibility in the look-back options for our Wrap-Tight® solution. In response to this request, we now offer a completely flexible option where the employer is permitted to set all the various look-back parameters. This enhancement comes at no additional cost. For a demo, please contact your ERISAPros Account Manager or call us at 678.443.4003.


New Website


We have recently launched our new website. This upgrade offers:


  • Enhanced compatibility with mobile devices
  • Easier searching for needed information
  • Improved look and feel
  • Access to current and archived Newsletters.


Visit our new site at