Recent Guidance on Wellness Programs

The EEOC has been attacking employers’ wellness programs for failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here is a good summary of the EEOC’s recently proposed regulations that employers and health plans should be aware of when reviewing their wellness programs.

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Department of Labor Plans Vigorous Enforcement

Department of Labor“The EBSA [Employee Benefits Security Administration] will pursue its mission and strategic objective through vigorous enforcement; proactive regulation and guidance; targeted research; and strong consumer outreach, compliance assistance and education.” It will concentrate on issues and areas that have the greatest impact on the protection […]

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Errors on Your Form 5500 Can Lead to an IRS Audit

“Mistakes on your plan’s Form 5500 create a nice target for the Internal Revenue Service’s auditors. In its February 2, 2015 edition of Employee Plans News, the Internal Revenue Service explains that entering incorrect information or leaving a blank in a required field increases the likelihood your plan will be selected for a compliance check.”

The […]

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Employer Can Force Employees into Health Plan

“Some workers are not pleased. One disgruntled reader wrote to Kaiser Health News: ‘My employer is requiring me to purchase health insurance and is automatically taking the premium out of my paycheck even though I don’t want to sign up for health insurance. Is this legal?’ The short answer is yes.” By Michelle Andrews, […]

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The Importance of a Choice-of-Law Provision

ERISA is a federal law which preempts most state laws. However, where ERISA does not directly address an issue or where certain insurance issues are involved, the court make look to state law for guidance. If more than one state’s law appears to be relevant, “choice-of-law” issues may arise. Having a plan that is in […]

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ERISA Settlements Top $1 Billion

“The largest class-action settlements in claims brought under the Employee Income Retirement Security Act topped $1.3 billion in 2014, almost 10 times the sum of the biggest settlements from the previous year. No other area of employment workplace law saw that kind of explosive growth last year.” Read full article by […]

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