Concierge Medical Care Comes to the Middle Class

Concierge DoctorA growing number of primary care doctors, spurred by frustration with insurance requirements, are bringing [concierge medical care] to the masses…. Patients pay $100 a month or less directly to the physician for comprehensive primary care, including basic medication, lab tests and follow-up visits in person, […]

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IRS Releases 2016 Version of Publication 15-B (Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits)

Internal Revenue ServiceThe IRS has released the 2016 version of Publication 15-B (Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits), with information for employers on the employment tax treatment of various fringe benefits, including accident and health coverage, adoption assistance, company cars (and other employer-provided vehicles), dependent care assistance, […]

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Product Updates for 2016

Effective January 6, 2016, we have updated our underlying Plan Document and SPD in WrapTightSM with the following changes:

  • Refined definition of spouse to reflect Supreme Court ruling
  • Updated Cafeteria Plan funding reference in Exhibit/Appendix A
  • Included additional “Look-back” options
  • Changed “Look-back” language to reflect application to all employees
  • Clarified “external review of claims” process
  • […]

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