Bold Predictions About the Future of the Benefits Business (Opinion)

Joe Markland, an industry expert on HR and benefits technology, recently made the following predictions about the future of employee benefits: “[1] HRIS/Benefits Technologies without Payroll will become obsolete…. [2] The majority of employers with fewer than 100 employees will look for a single-source technology and services solution in the future…. [3] There will be dozens of Zenefits-like companies in the market within 6 months…. [4] Small group health insurance commissions will be 50% of what they are today by 2017…. [5] Employers will be out of the health risk business within 3-5 years…. [6] Most health insurance will be individually purchased within 3-5 years…. [7] Provider systems will dominate the health insurance market in 5-10 years.” (Joe Markland)

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