Recent developments in the Health and Welfare landscape have placed ERISA compliance at the forefront of your clients’ minds. The DOL’s vigorous enforcement efforts have left employers with little room to be non-compliant.

Over the past seven years, ERISA Pros has emerged as a premier professional services firm specializing in providing Welfare Benefit Compliance solutions, focusing on Wrap Plans and Wrap SPDs. During this time we have crafted, tailored and honed the delivery of these programs to agencies. The model has proven effective. So we asked ourselves how could our solutions be even better.

The Annual Form 5500 is a financial summary of the Plan. There are natural synergies between the two documents. Information in one needs to be consistent with the other. What if ERISA Pros, the company that prepared the Wrap Plan Documents, could interface with the largest and best-known professional service provider of Form 5500s in the U.S.? That company is Wrangle, LLC.

We are writing you today to officially announce that ERISA Pros, LLC and Wrangle, LLC have formed a partnership. In this relationship, we will unify our efforts to deliver even more value in the solutions already provided by each company. The company that built the wrap plan can communicate with the company that files the report. The company that files the report can endorse a Plan Document solution consistent with the client’s requirements through the natural synergies of the two. This ensures consistency across both platforms (Plan and Report) where in-depth industry knowledge is applied and extreme accuracy achieved. We are excited for the potential of this new relationship and look forward to sharing more information as it continues to develop.

Bernard Kearse, Principal of ERISA Pros said, “We are excited to have a partnership with such an outstanding company as Wrangle and believe our opportunities for assisting our broker/partners and their clients with innovative solutions has increased greatly by solidifying this relationship. We plan to work closely with Wrangle and seek innovative ways to enhance and expand our services for the benefit of our clients.”

Thank you for your partnership.

Bernard V. Kearse